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Aug 22

i moved!

i moved!  you can now find me posting here:

Aug 20

our first pizza!

i love pizza.  like love.  it’s definitely one of my favorite foods. i used to think it was really stupid and unoriginal when kids in middle school said pizza was their favorite food.  i mean really? everyone’s favorite food is pizza, it’s hardly even a meal people.  pick something like chicken or meatloaf for crying out loud.  but now that i’m older and wiser and have had many different pizzas—greasy takeout pizza that you fold in half and the oil drips down your fingers, fast food pizza like domino’s or pizza hut, fancy pizzas, frozen pizzas, dessert pizzas—i can say that pizza is in my top 5 favorite foods.  it may even be my answer to the question “if you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?” even though i hate that question. yep, i just love pizza. 

today, my pizza world expanded just a little bit.  or maybe significantly.  probably significantly.  because today, we made our first homemade pizza with our new pizza stone.


we made the dough and everything. it was super easy and delicious!  the only tricky part was transferring the pizza from the cutting board we prepped it on to the pizza stone. we made two different pizzas: margherita and white with turkey sausage and peppers. 

they were really really good. especially the margherita which you wouldn’t think would be so great because it’s so simple.  but it’s probably the simplicity and the way the flavors of the buttery fresh mozzarella, sweet tomatoes, basil and garlic go together that make it so tasty.

i’m thinking pizza making is going to become a regular thing in our apartment.  maybe a sunday afternoon/dinner thing.  it was so fun, easy, tasty and filling.  i’m excited to try out some new variations.  our next one will be a toss up between meatball and trying to recreate the fresh fruit pizza from matchbox.

oh, and with these pizzas i accomplished one of my august goals. making a big weekend lunch from scratch, feeding people i love (amanda was here), sharing a delicious meal with friends, pizza, red wine, and completing a goal.  does it get much better?

Aug 18

lovely wedding gift

we got the williams-sonoma bride & groom collection for our wedding. it was such a surprise since we hadn’t registered at williams-sonoma but it’s the perfect gift for us. i love the packaging, the classic box for the set, the clean lines, beautiful pictures and organized pages. 

we’ve made two recipes from it and they were both delicious.  i can’t wait to try more.  this weekend, perhaps?

what a lovely gift.  if you’re looking for a special wedding gift, i highly recommend this!

thank you, jordan!

Aug 17

go on our honeymoon!

at almost exactly this time six months ago, we quit agonizing over where to go on our honeymoon and impulsively made one of the best decisions of our lives.  we decided to go here:

we had the most amazing honeymoon here.  it was a complete escape from the real world, romantic, relaxing, energizing.  we booked it through living social escapes and guess what?  it’s back!  

if you need a honeymoon or just an adventure and a total escape, buy this deal and go!  you will not be sorry!

or you could buy this deal and come visit me :)

Aug 16

define date

since i have “go on two dates” as one of my august goals, i’d been thinking about the definition of “date.” 

and ironically, this topic came up at work today (though i didn’t bring it up) and my co-workers and i got in a heated philosophical discussion about the definition of a date.  questions posed included: what is a date?  when does a date occur?  who goes on a date?  what’s the difference between a date and just spending time together? can you go on a date when you’re married?  how does “dating” fit into this whole thing? is going to ikea on a saturday a date?

{our favorite wine bar in DC and one of our favorite dates nights: sonoma}

my answer is simple: a date is a pre-planned activity or event with a significant other. i think the advance planning is the key here. part of what makes dates so great is the build-up, the anticipation and excitement over a special activity/meal/event. 

beyond that, i think a date can be anything if both parties are looking forward to it.  and i’d like to add that dates do not include errands or obligations.  there shouldn’t be a “to-do” to check off during a date.

we kind of talked ourselves in circles until we decided this was all just semantics.  but, i’m curious.  what do you think?  what does “date” mean to you and your significant other?  what’s your simple definition and what qualifiers do you add onto it?

so. true.
do feel this way too?  what ideas do you have that you feel you don’t have time for?

so. true.

do feel this way too?  what ideas do you have that you feel you don’t have time for?

Aug 15

update: august goals

i’m  making progress on my august goals.


mike and i cooked for his parents on friday night and made two new dishes from the williams sonoma bride & groom cookbook.  we made broiled shrimp with parsley garlic butter (huge hit, but super gross to prepare) and blueberry fool (delicious but would’ve been better if i’d whipped the cream longer). it was really fun to entertain in our new apartment.  yes, we’ve been hosting a bunch recently but we haven’t really entertained.  you know, full meal, wine, dessert, the works.  feeding people does something for my soul.  i absolutely love it. 

we’ve been on one date so far.  we walked to thomas sweet, an icecream and sweet shop in georgetown and talked the whole way there.  it was low-key but so nice to enjoy a summer night and conversation with each other.

looking forward to our next date night, though it has yet to be planned.


i tried on some sneakers at lunch today.  i think i’m going back for these on tuesday or wednesday.

then maybe i’ll be inspired to get into a gym routine.  though to be honest, i’ve been feeling the repercussions of not getting to the gym regularly: anxious, butterflies, emotional, mind racing.  no good.  must get to the gym.  starting tomorrow.


i’ve made a list of all the things we’re getting rid of and how we’ll do it.  now just have to post them to the appropriate sites.

as for the chore list, yeah, about that…well i guess we do laundry on sundays and maybe clean the bathroom on mondays fridays. 

a national treasure

we went to the national cathedral this weekend with mike’s parents, my in-loves, and it. is. incredible. stunning both inside and out.  

i’ve been appreciating the outside of the cathedral since we moved to the neighborhood last month but i hadn’t been inside until this morning.  it really is magnificent. every time i see a building like this i’m awestruck thinking about how it was built. like how did they do it?  it’s no wonder it took almost 100 years to complete. mike and i agreed that it reminds us of notre dame: grandiose in the gothic style common in many cathedrals to draw the eye upward toward God. 

there is so much history in the intricacies of the cathedral, religious stories and history stories told through the stained glass and the tapestries.  it is fitting that the national cathedral contains stories and materials from all over the country.  and every detail is intentional. 

the cathedral is truly a national treasure. if you’re ever in dc, i highly recommend you visit. it is literally right in our back front yard and i hope to spend a lot of time there from now on.  

Aug 14

chicago bound

just booked my flight to chicago!  mike has a conference in october and i’m tagging along.  tell us where to eat and what to do.  i’ll also need something to do by myself when mike is working.  suggestions, please!

Aug 12

girlfriend goodness

in the last couple of years i started craving girl time.  time to catch up, to laugh, to vent, to chat about things. i’ve had a lot of girlfriend time in the last month with 3 girlfriend weekends in a row.  i’m so lucky to have such amazing women to call my friends and so grateful that they came to DC to visit me.  here’s some snapshots from the last 3 weekends:

there is nothing like catching up with a girlfriend over a good meal.

i believe that time with girlfriends is good for the soul.

and so are cupcakes.

sending love to all of my girlfriends. send some to yours too.

(photos from top: breakfast at open city, margaritas at cactus cantina, pizza at  2amys [shouldn’t all girlfriend weekends have great food?], organizing our closet buy putting christmas ornaments in our suitcases (brilliant, bridget!), more margaritas at cactus cantina, dessert pizza and steele pinot noir at matchbox, shopping, made cupcakes from one of our favorite blogs)

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